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blah blah blah

some ppl need to take a chill pill, not everything is about you! Good Grief! when I post a general status on Facebook, it's a blanket opinion. If you think it's about you, that's your issue, NOT MINE!



Now I remember why I left! I'm having the damn hardest time navigating this site!

I can't find ppl! 😡 And I'm starting to get frustrated!
I'll give it a bit longer, maybe someone can help me out!

Sorry @jedi I'm not finding that 'find' box.

Evil Andy is NOT amused!

LJ Icons

Do people still have challenges on these???

if not, I'm still challenging myself to hmmm, say 100 in a months time starting today!!

and here's the first two of that challenge. :)

Now I'm making these for me, if you'd like to use them, please let me know. Thank you!
title: Cloudy with a chance of Hubba Hubba
title: Focal Point

and yes, I'm mainly going to stay focused on the #KavanSmith goodness, but since I have some Joe friendzz I'll be making some of him too! any other requests?

thank you!


Making sure I'm still here!



IOTD = Image of The Day
And since this is my last day of vacation and my plan is to just laze about. I decided on this cute TokiDoki image!

Test from phone

goofing around


as I said earlier this morning, I'm not deleting any older entries.  but I can't figure out how to change the stupid defunct links. Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you!